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Week 9 Taking Stock

As week 9 of the Master Key Experience draws to end, I’ve been taking stock of the last 9 weeks and what we have been learning and understanding the massive shifts that I have been experiencing.

I know for some people it can take longer for them to start to experience the things I have been experiencing, on the other hand some people I have no doubt will of had shifts which happened well before me. We all learn at different speeds and with slightly different learning patterns, what makes this course stand way out ahead of the rest of the courses I have taken over the years, is they have you covered however you learn things, they understand every one is slightly different in that way.

Scroll two coming to an end

We will be starting scroll three on Sunday, which I am looking forward too. I have really enjoyed scroll two and I will be taking away “I greet this day with love in my heart”. This line as really got me to fall in love with myself and I’m looking at the world with new eyes and feelings of deep love for all others which I have not experienced before.

When I am looking back on this course say in 12 months time, I know that this is definitely where the game changing moment happened, the shift that showed me that the dots are really starting to join up and make sense.


Talking of game changing, we are now in the second week of our mastermind groups, and this is really stepping it up another level also. I have connected with some amazing people who are on a similar journey to me, so it is great that we can talk about things with an understanding.

I know masterminding was a good thing to do but I don’t truly realise how important it is until now that I am apart of two mastermind groups. I’ve posted this YouTube video of Napoleon Hill on the subject, it’s about an hour long but well worth the time to listen too.

Weeks 1-9 have really been a magical time for me and I am so looking forward to whats to come in weeks 10-18.

Exciting times ahead πŸ™‚

Peace be the journey

Love & light


P.s I am now on day 4 of the 7 day mental diet, go me hehehe πŸ™‚

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17 Comments Week 9 Taking Stock

  1. Bibi

    Great post, Gav! Thanks for sharing your progress! Wonderful! Scroll II has been a game changer for me as well β™₯ It’s a good thing that this course gives us all a chance to learn and apply at our own pace. We all started at different places in our lives, we have such different blueprints and different amount of layers of cement to chip off. Some of mine has been quick to chip off, some of it apperently takes more time … and I’ve realised that I cannot haste it. I have to be on a personal and *honest* journey for myself, not try, nor pretend, to have come any further than I have. I feel that I have come far, but I also know I have so much more to learn and really get into my subby once and for all, not just a shallow or brief change. I’m excited and look forward to the weeks to come!Β Being on the Mastermind groups has been very helpful for me as well, and I’m honoured to have such wonderful people with me on this journey. Thank you for sharing the video by Hill on the subject, I look forward to listening to that later today when I’m home alone. Keep up the good work on the mental diet! Well done! β™₯ Loved your podcast this week!! β™₯

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  3. Philip mach

    Great blog . Day 4 of the mental diet . I loved the video and all of your comments. I’m waiting for your next podcast . It’s true that you age well on your way with your journey and I’m happy that we are masterminding together

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