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Week 6 Things are really coming together

Yep things are coming together as we move on through week 6, my DMP as now been pasted off so it’s full steam ahead 🙂 I have to say doing the press release was a big help in finding how to put my feeling in to word for my DMP, part 2 of the press release will be up next week so watch out for that .

A bit of art and crafts this week too, been sticking stuff all around the house which as been fun, I’ve put these in high traffic areas of my house.

This is a great poem and I am reading it every time I go in to the bath room, as it’s stuck on my mirror love it <3

Rocking my dream Board today.

Really enjoyed this week as things are just starting to fall in to place perfectly, so much has changed in these 6 weeks already it’s going to be very interesting and exciting time for whats ahead. As I am writing this I am getting goosebumps and a gut feeling of love and knowing that I am great 🙂

Still not giving opinions my tactic is when I catch myself giving my opinion I just start laughing. I laughed that much this morning I forget what opinion I was even thinking about, it’s great when your in the middle of your opinion when talking to someone, to watch there face as I burst in laughter, it a great subject changer hehe 🙂

Just going to finish of by saying I was just about to go and watch the karate kid after watching a clip the other week, I want to watch it with my new eyes. Can you believe that as I started writing this bit, Mark J as sent us the master key newsletter and asked us to watch two clips from you guessed it the karate kid, brilliant timing or is it that I am getting in the flow? 🙂

I live by my compass

I can be what i will to be

Love and light


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6 Comments Week 6 Things are really coming together

  1. Bibi

    Awesome post! How cool about the Karate Kid and Makr’s newsletter. You’re in the flow!♥
    It makes me happy to read about your week, how much you enjoyed the exercises we’re doing. Super dream board you’ve made, and I love that you added the “I can be what I will to be” and “Do it now” (I love saying those many times a day!) Love your no opinions-laughter tactic! I’ll try that one and see how that works for me. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for linking to my blog post this week – I really appreciate that! (I edited mine from the other day and linked to yours, too).
    Keep up the good work! ♥ See you on Twitter! 🙂

  2. Laura

    I loved seeing your dream board and other pictures. My vote is with Bibi, that you’re in the flow! Looking forward to part II of your press release– a great reason to not use the word “lost” when referring to weight! 🙂

  3. Claes Wallenberg

    Wow, Gav, I can see how much fun and enthusiasm You must have felt bringing Your shapes and dream board together – absolutely AWESOME!!!

    BAM 🙂

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