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Week 5 Master Key Experience

Opinions Be The Observer

So been a busy week this so far this week, we have been ask to not give opinions which is a lot harder to do then I thought it would be, but it is a really eye opener just being the observer. I know I will get better as the weeks go on, at the minute I’m stopping myself in mid sentence all the time as I start to give my opinion on something.

The Law of compensation

This week we have started to read Emerson essay on the law of compensation, I read this a few year ago but found it a real tough read with the vocabulary Emerson uses, so I never tuck real note of the lessons it is teaching. This time round I’m reading it with new open eyes so to speak, and a wiliness to learn. For the next 3 weeks I will be reading the essay once a week.

DMP and Press Release

DMP is still a work in progress, as I sit daily I am starting to see my DMP more and more its just a case now of being able to express this down in words. I have found writing the press release very helpful and I will be adding more to that as my DMP develops.

Overall I am really enjoying the challenge of the Master key Experience, and I’m proud to be apart this. I was on a great zoom call last night with my guide Claes and some of the tribe and really looking forward to more over the coming months. Excising times a head 🙂

Love and light


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6 Comments Week 5 Master Key Experience

  1. Bibi

    Great post, Gav! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences about Week 5. It’s very exciting, isn’t it? I have worked on my press release today, and I love seeing how it makes my DMP come alive in a whole different (and better) way than my DMP’s 400 words could possibly express. I just read yours, part one, and look forward to reading part two when you’ve done with it. Keep up the good work! ♥

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  3. Laura

    Great job stopping yourself in the middle of sentences when you notice an opinion coming–that’s huge! Way to stick with Emerson’s Law of Compensation–I had to read it with a dictionary next to me! I found the more I read it, the more I appreciated (and understood!) it! 🙂 Way to stick with it!

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