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Week 4 and I’m Quitting

How about that for title, YES I’m quitting! Let me explain

I have made the decision to quit on not putting in 100% in to my life and stop a bad habit of mine which is plodding along. You see when I get to a point where I’m doing well in something I start to just plod with it in stead of growing it. This could be business, relationships, hobbies so every thing really.

So it’s time to be focused and put 100% in to everything with enthusiasm, and keep growing everyday for me to have the experiences that I want in my life, and just not settle for it’s OK how it’s going, I’ll just stay in this safe place and plod along.

Definitive Major Purpose (DMP)

I been working on this now for nearly 4 weeks and I am struggling to write down, put across in to words how I feel about my DMP, if that make sense? I feels these feelings but there seems to be no words to describe these feelings that I am having, and I’m just not sure how I’m going to transfer these feeling in to words. This is starting to blow my mind a little if I’m honest, maybe I’m just over thinking this, I do believe the answers will come to me I wont settle for, this will just have to do for my DMP 🙂

Love & Light


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2 Comments Week 4 and I’m Quitting

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  2. Laura

    Whew! Your title had me concerned for a second there! Excited for you as you are taking it to the 100% level! Maybe take those indescribable feelings into a sit and see what happens–have a fantastic week! 🙂

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