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Week 23 Awakened from the silence

I have had amazing 3 day experience of silence this week, I started at 9 am Monday and finished 9 am Thursday.

I went in to the silence with no exceptions of what my experience would be like. I had some question which I didn’t know if they would get answered or not.

First few hours was a challenge has there was a lot of noise, the chatter did started to go anyway and I really started to enjoy the experience. Lots of meditation and just being present inn the now.

As I got more in to it, I started to ask question and I did get many answers back. I have tell you, I didn’t like some of the answers but they where put to me with these feeling that I can’t put in to words, so knew why these things have happen.

So after many tears and some amazing experiences of feels of unconditional love. I have awaken deep with in myself and now know the path I am on.

Definite Major Purpose

As a result of my silence experience, I have had to rewrite my DMP. I already know that I would have to this but until I did these 3 days I was 100% sure of the direction I was going to take.

It’s an amazing feeling know truly where I am going now, and I am totally focused in creating this.

All I can say is the last 6 month have been totally life changing, and I am not saying that lightly either.

If you are reading this blog and have not been on the course I suggest you enrol for the next available start. commit to 6 months and you will have an amazing experience.

Get in contact with me if you have any question about doing the master key experience I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Peace be the journey, love & light


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  1. Bibi Lindahl

    So happy to hear you received some answers during your silence, my friend. Thank you for sharing your experience with us all, and thank you also for this week’s podcast, which I loved ♥ Love & Light ♥

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