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Week 2 of My Master Key Experience

Things are changing

It’s been a tough week in my personal life which was a shock at first, but with thinking about it I understand why it as happen. I knew by doing this course my life was going to chance, what as wowed me is I really didn’t expect for things to start changing so soon. There are going to be many more bumps in the road, which I hope I will be more ready for in a way, it was good talking with my guide yesterday evening and knowing there is good support for me on this incredible journey.

13th October Edit: This weekend as been crazy more things happening which again have been hard to deal with, but I am glad it happened as the old dead wood is leaving my life 🙂

Noticing colours and shapes all around me

We have started using the index cards and I can see why they are going to be a powerful tool, I wrote my chore down thinking I would probably do it last minute, well as I keep seeing the colour blue and rectangles all around me, the chore keep popping in to my head and a voice saying “get it done”, I found myself doing the chore and I even went above and beyond what I usually do as well. I can’t wait for what’s next with these index cards.

Definite Major Purpose

My DMP is coming together slowly after talking with my guide and reading the comments on the review, I now know the depth I need so that subby can start creating the path for me,  I was thinking maybe it was too big of dream! That was definitely a fear that I couldn’t possibly do it. Well nothing is too big and I know I will manifest my DMP. I also know that my DMP may change over the years too and this is OK, as I grow my goals and dream will grow too.

Sitting still and controlling my thoughts   

This has been interesting, yep Haanel was so right just a few moments at first is I could do, but with like the sitting still, I can do it a little longer each day. This is definitely a new skill which is going to be so beneficial to me, as I can feel it has already started, helping being more focused.

Looking forward to Sunday

I am really looking forward to Sunday’s class again; I really think I’m getting more and more excited, listening to Mark say ENTHUSIASM is having a profound effect on me so thank you. And also everyone who is teaching, I’m finding it very easy to follow, in the past I have struggled with keeping my concentration, but I seem to have no problem at all with my concentration with the classes, I am fully engaged following along with the class notes and making notes of my own too.

Thank you for taking the time out and reading my post today, looking forward to sharing more of my journey next week, keep tuned in 🙂

Love & light


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4 Comments Week 2 of My Master Key Experience

  1. Laura

    Nice job on your chore, staying with the sit, revising your DMP, and getting through a tough week! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your DMP insight that “nothing is too big”. I think a lot of people start out thinking that but it’s going for those big dreams that cause the most growth and excitement! 🙂

  2. Randy Kalisek

    Hey Gav — ditto on the DMP! I can’t say it’s as easy to write as one might think. Though reading it to myself with ‘enthooosiasm’ is believable, I’m excited to see it overtake my old thinking! All the best on your journey!

  3. donna

    Gav, I love when Mark says ENTHUSIASM. I say do it now in his voice too. Congratulations for taking the first step. Reading your blog is encouraging!

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