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MKE Week 19 - 24

Week 19 – Grateful for Nature That’s Around Us

Last month we read scroll 4 from the greatest salesman in the world, the opening line is “I am nature’s greatest miracle”. That got me thinking about all nature’s miracles.

We have to be grateful for all nature which is around us and really appreciate it every single day.

I saw a Heron yesterday I managed to film it.

I live this day as if it is my last

This is what is said in scroll 5 which I am reading this month. My take on this, is living in the now.

Don’t dwell on the past as you can’t change it, don’t worry about the future as that’s not happen yet and you can create any amazing life you want.

It’s just a short post this week

Peace be the journey, love & light


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4 Comments Week 19 – Grateful for Nature That’s Around Us

  1. Bibi Lindahl

    Aww, look at that birdie! How wonderful that you saw it and got in on film for all of us!
    Good podcast this week! ♥ I love going for walks in the forest and take it all in, noticing the beauty of a tree, a plant, a rock… and being so grateful for everything.
    I wish you a lovely weekend! ♥

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