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Week 15 The Strangest Secret

This week I want to share something with you about Earl Nightingale and The strangest secret.

I recommend listening to this every day

Around six years ago I was told about this amazing recording, and that I should listen too it has it could help me create a world I wanted to live in.

After listening too the strangest secret the first time, I decided to do the 30 day challenge, which you will see that, that challenge does mirror the 7 day mental diet I’ve talked about in previous post.

I listen to the recording every morning and evening. And my life did start to click together and I really start to manifest the life style I wanted. Here is thing though when I achieve what I wanted I thought I didn’t need to listen to Earl or continue with the 30 day challenge. HOW WRONG WAS I !!!!!

Like I have said before my old blue print kicked in and I started to coast along and getting myself in to a right old runt.

Then I started the Master Key Experience and I kick started up again. When we were asked to watch a YouTube video, I was like well that makes total sense and fit in perfect. It was a video of Earl Nightingale’s The strangest secret.

I have started up listening to the strangest secret again two times day, which my subby already knows and things have really started to pick up again.

Will I let my old blue print kick in again? NO WAY this time as I’m leaning new ways for the old blue print to go away forever, thanks to the Master key experience.

Think and Grow Rich

Has well as the master key system and the greatest sales man in the world, I am also a student of think and grow rich.

While I have Earl on my mind I would like to share with you a recording Earl did of Think and grow rich, where he has condensed the book down to around 40 minutes with all the key point from the book.

I am listening to this at least once a day too. You can listen to this while you are doing other things, so don’t think you don’t have the time 🙂


Peace be the journey, love & light


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13 Comments Week 15 The Strangest Secret

  1. Randy Kalisek

    Hey Gav! thanks for the ‘pingback’. I remember hearing Earl Nightingale when I was a kid — radio or TV I don’t remember. Sadly, I was too young for his concepts to impact me. I’m sure glad I can benefit from them now!

  2. Laura Hittesdorf

    I’ve also been listening to the ones you mentioned (maybe not as much as you!) I have the Earl Nightengale version of Think and Grow Rich- inexpensive on audible. Also The Science of Getting Rich, along with a few other things I listen to. … I haven’t really ever listened to podcasts, I’ll check yours out though! Thank you. OH and for the link!!!! 🙂

  3. David Vance

    Great post as always, Gav! Congratulations for Blog of the Week!

    As you point out in the habit of listening twice a day, just like knowledge (as in not applying itself), we have to keep at it.

    Thanks for the awesome reminder!

  4. Bibi Lindahl

    Congratulations being the featured blog this week. So well deserved! ♥
    Thank you so much for sharing these vid’s and how much they have meant for you. That’s fantastic!! ♥
    Thank you for linking to my blog! So kind! ♥
    And, last but not least, thank you for being YOU! ♥
    I wish you a wonder-fun day filled with kindness ♥

  5. julia standish

    Happy 2020,

    I hope you have a fabulous TRIP around the Sun.
    I am so glad and excited for your last 11 1/2 weeks of MKE. Hope you find the TRUTH in the Franklin Makeover, and creating for yourself a Journey to look forward to every minute of your life.

    SOOO Glad you posted.

    Isn’t this MKE amazing. Yes, It is difficult and challenging…but each requirement is for your benefit. If you don’t do it, it’s like leaving food on the table, or worse $$$ thrown in the garbage. Yesterday is gone. the Past is over…. can’t do anything about it….just proceed forward and into the future, and fully taking the present time, present moment, present energy to FULL ADVANTAGE.

    Also, if you do recap the Weekly blogs, it will only bring joy for the subby and remove more cement. (MKE language).

    Julie Standish

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