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Week 13 Gratitude

This is were it steps up a level yet again, being grateful for what is your life.

It been a tough week for me on a personally level as a few things have happen. But its also be a nice time too with it been the Christmas holidays and spent the last few days with my friends and family which I am very grateful for.

In Sundays class we were asked to write down 3 things we are grateful for and then add them to index card we made, then we can flash through them on a daily bases. So each day we add 3 new of these gratitude cards.

I am going add more this post at later date,

so for now peace be the journey


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7 Comments Week 13 Gratitude

  1. Claes Wallenberg

    I’m sorry You experienced some struggles, Gav, and at the same time HUGE CONGRATS to the struggles – they help us grow, right? And nothing feels as rewarding as succeeding despite if obstacles!

    Let me know if I can help, ok?

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