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Week 12 Looking in the Mirror

In Sunday class we were asked to read a one sentence version of our DMP for 50 minutes looking into a mirror.

My one sentence is

 “I am so grateful and blessed with an amazing feeling of happiness running through me that before 2021 I am sharing my message of love with 300 listeners or more on my podcast Good Habits.”

I thought this would be easily due to the fact that I now look in the mirror every day and read the gay in the glass poem. Well I found this at first to be really hard not sure if it’s because it was late and I was tired, I found my thinking going all over the place and for about 10 minutes I was not even saying my sentence properly. 

I did manage to muddle through the 50 minute and by the end I was saying my sentence with a belief/knowing that it was true and it had already happened.

I plan on doing this again this week when I’m not as tired and see if I have a different experience, I’ll let you know how I get on in next week’s blog post.

As the weeks go on

I find myself now reading with more and more passion, be it my BPB, DMP, greatest salesman scroll and index cards. Which leads me to another really good thing I tuck out of Sundays class. We were asked to write on 50 index card something good about yourself like “Being a parent to my son” “Raised money for charities” etc.

I then wrote 5 affirmations on 10 more index cards, for example one affirmation written down on two separate index cards and so on. I then split the the 50 cards into two 25 card piles and placed 5 of the affirmation cards on top of each pile so I had two piles of 30. 

So now when I go to check my phone, instead I pick one of the piles up first and give it a quick shuffle, then I go through the deck reading out loud each of the 5 affirmation cards. It’s a great little habit to get into and a quick pick me up too as you are reading nice things about yourself. 

Mark also suggested if you are watching the TV and it goes to an add break then instead of flicking through the channels, pick up one of the decks and go through instead. Give it try!


I going to finish off this weeks blog with a YouTube from Paul Santisi

I discovered Paul’s channel a good few years ago. He does give a lot of his material away and does seem to live what we are learning on the master key experience.

I’ve started listening to this video again everyday, as it fits in perfectly with all the new positive habits I am creating. Hope you enjoy and give Paul’s channel a good looking over too, as it’s filled with lots of juicy stuff :-).

Peace be the Journey

Love & Light


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6 Comments Week 12 Looking in the Mirror

  1. Bibi Lindahl

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about week 12! I love the index cards we wrote this week, and I know that it would have been difficult for me a few months ago…. but now, writing 50 was so easy – and FUN! ♥ I love shuffeling through them, such a good reminder of what I have actually accomplished so far. And there will be more to come, for us all 🙂
    I just heard your podcast for this week, and as always I loved it! ♥ Thank you for that gift, my friend. So happy to know you!! ♥
    Thank you also for sharing the Paul Santisi video, I’ll have a look at his channel.
    Talk to you soon! 😀

  2. Claes Wallenberg

    Hey, great stuff going on, Gav – I just LOVE how Your one-liner got You in touch with feeling Your achievement for real. Awesome!!!

    BAM // C

  3. kat

    Love your thoughts about your journey through this Master key process. Of course, love the “I Am”- a wonderful share from you. Enjoy the pick- me- up idea of the cards. They are effective. It is all wonderful. Thank you for your writing.

    I send you love and blessings for you and for you to pass on to others.


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  5. Laura

    Thank you for sharing your one-sentence DMP and your mirror experience. I enjoy running across authors, youtubers, podcasters, etc. that exemplify the things we are learning in MKE! I’ll definitely check out Paul’s channel, thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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