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MKE Week 10 -18

Week 10 Experiencing a lull

Over the last 7 days I’ve just wanted to stay in bed all day to be honest. I’ve really had to get myself going. It’s like I’ve been having all these shifts and I believe maybe my body as become a little overwhelmed? I am so thankful for this experience though, because I know I am on the right path. Also I know I will come through this even stronger.

I have done my podcast about this, it’s around 9 minutes long enjoy 🙂

It would be awesome to hear your feed back about this. If you are on a similar journey to me and you have also experienced this kind of lull.

Moving Forward some cleaning/cleansing is needed.

My amazing girlfriend came round to my house and deep cleaned my kitchen and bathroom for me. And I have cleansed the whole house with white sage, to release any negative energy which has been hanging around.

As I write this post I am feeling a lot better. My energy levels are definitely picking up.

I have now lost count of how many times I have said this. The Master Key Experience is the best decision I have made, and is pushing me in ways that is just amazing and life changing.

I am so thankful for being apart of this experience. I am so grateful for connecting with some truly amazing and loving people.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

Peace be the journey

Love and light


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5 Comments Week 10 Experiencing a lull

  1. Bibi

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts in your podcast’s Episode 3, Gavin! I can certainly relate to having physical reactions, such as muscle cramps in my back and feeling tired for no apparent reason, and I have chalked it up to my old blueprint trying to tell me to stop changing, to stop growing. But: “I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins!”. Whatever weird stuff is going on, physically, I am not complaining about it – I’ll just have to let it ride its course while I keep my focus on the inner work. And I will persist until I succeed! 🙂

    I look forward to hearing you interview people on your podcast, and when I’m ready to share of my personal journey and my victories I would be honoured to be one of your guest! ♥

    Keep up the good work, my friend. You’ve totally got this! I am so proud of you!

    PS: How sweet of your girlfriend to help you deep clean your kitchen and bathroom! That’s such a generous act of love! ♥

    PPS: Thank you very much for linking to my blog post this week!

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  3. Laura

    Today is the Winter Solstice–traditionally a time to go inward, replenish one’s spirit in the darkness, and shore up energy for the coming year! Feeling gratitude for where you are on the journey is a great thing to do during a lull–it’s also good to listen to your body and slow down when needed.

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