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Three weeks in and so many changes happening in my life! Master Key Experience Week 3

I know I started off last weeks blog post in a similar way, but I feel I have to just put this out there, how this is affecting me in a VERY BIG WAY.

Some people well one person have left my life already earlier this year, which was very hard to deal with at the time, by having these experiences over the last 12 days or so I understand why it happen.

When you start to open up to new ways to live your life you find that people and situation that are not on the same vibration as you and where you are going, have to leave you, this is for your growth to happen. However hard this is at the time you have to let go, as it is no longer good to be a part of your life anymore.

I said earlier in the year someone left me and this was for their own growth to happen, it was in March to be precise. My ex girlfriend / best friend had been on a journey of her own over the following two years, and I could feel we were going in different ways as I was stuck in a bad place just plodding along and could see her starting to want more out of life. This was hard for me to except at the time because in a way I was jealous which cos me to say things that were not nice to her and act in some nasty ways towards her and what she was doing, until she stopped it by ending the relationship. She just cut me off completely, which obviously I didn’t handle very well at the time, but now I totally understand why and I how hard it must of been for her to do as well.

The reason I have shared this you this week is, has I look back at the lessons I can takeaway from these last couple of weeks as my vibration is changing, I thought to myself what other lessons could I take from other people which have pulled away from me because they have started to grow and heightened their vibration in life, where I was still stuck in a low vibration.

I have been meditating on asking for forgiveness, to everyone that have thought I have in any way hurt them, and also forgiving people that I have felt have hurt me in any way. This is a process that I felt needed to happen this week for me to move on in the incredible journey which I am on.

I have a feeling which is showering over me, with a knowing of unconditional love is always looking out for me. I am on the right path, just keep on going one step at a time.

Talk to you next week

Love and light.


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6 Comments Three weeks in and so many changes happening in my life! Master Key Experience Week 3

  1. hereinspired

    Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing lessons learned from such a personal experience. Forgiveness has played a huge part in my life & I’m happy you’re embracing it. One step at a time is an excellent pace, cheering you on! 🙂

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