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How I became healthy, body and mind and achieved my dreams, Part One

An interview By Alex Freeman (freelance journalist)

I’ve just had the privilege of meeting up with Gavin Johnson for an interview for Men Health Magazine. This is an amazing story of how you can become what you think about, enjoy the read as I enjoyed the interviews.

Its Thursday afternoon and I’m in a beautiful part of England, West Yorkshire a Town Called Huddersfield right up in the hills we are sat in a lovely garden just at the back of Gavin’s old style cottage. “I have to say Gavin the views from your garden is quite something else” Gavin gives a very big smile and a little chuckle “Yes it’s an amazing view of the valley, I actually grow up not too far away from here and I never really appreciated what a beautiful place it is to live until later on in life, after I had done some travelling”. I just want to say thank you for today I know you are busy and you don’t give many interviews and are quite a private person away from your work, Gavin again give a little chuckle out “Yes I think you have to have your own personal space away from the limelight so to speak”.

The beautiful view

So one of the reasons why I’ve been wanting to interview you Gavin was because I listened to one of your podcasts, about how you started changing your habits to become healthier which really inspired me. Am I right in saying you lost 6 st in the process . Gavin’s eye light up “Really glad it as inspired you Alex,that my main goal with the podcasts. Yes that is right about losing 6 st, but I don’t like to use to the word lost, because if you lose something you try and find it again” Gavin laughs for a couple of sounds “I like to just say I become my ideal healthy weight which is 6st lighter then I was”. I like that, could you just go in to a little bit of an outline about the podcast episode for the readers that have not heard it before “Yes my pleasure, I’ll start by saying what you think about you do become. I lived a long time trying to be healthy and then just give up as my old blueprint would take over, so a change of habits was needed. I read a couple of books which really changed everything for me ‘Greatest salesman in the world by Og Mandino and How to have your cake and your skinny jeans too. by Josie Sponard. Using what I have learned from these books I implemented a daily routine for my eating and exercise new habits, and really committed 100% to this new life style”, I recommend reading both books if you really want to start and make changers in any area of your life (You can listen to the full podcast episode here).

Gavin’s Just got to pop off for another business appointment due to fitting me in last minute, as I didn’t give him a lot of notice. So thank you for the time we have had to day Gavin and looking for the interviewing you again for part two. “Thank you Alex been a pleasure, it as been brief, so looking forward to the next interview where i will able to share with a lot more of my journey in some more depth”.

Watch out for Part two coming soon.

Part Two The Interview Continues

It was a couple of weeks until me Gavin could meet up once again

Gavin great to see to you again I hope you have been well, Gavin eyes light up “Great to see you again Alex, I’ve been amazing thank you and I hope you have been amazing too”. Yes I have thank you, let us get straight into it, when we last met you told be about one of the podcasts I would really like to know how you have got such a big follow I believe your averaging one million listeners a month. Gavin sits up “Yes Alex that’s right, it all started with my definite major purpose, I had always wanted to start a podcast but would just procrastinate about it, never taking the plunge, and then I tuck the master key experience pay it for scholarship (Click here to check that amazing course out) which got me to look within me for my true path. I wrote down the I would get 300 listeners a month and give myself a full year, well I achieved it in less that a year and when I hit that goal I just up it and so every time I hit the amount of listener that I put my full focus on I achieved it and the podcast grow”. Are like a magician! Gavin laugh ” Do you know everyone is a magician for their own lives, if you look within, instead of looking outwards you can start to find your true path/calling and manifest any of your true dreams, Every person of this world all have the same power, it’s just not everyone can remember how to use it”. I smile at Gavin I have to agree with with you there. So Gavin have you achieve everything you want to achieve. Gavin stands up from his chair and walks over to me and looks me straight in the eyes, “Yes in some respects with material wealth, but there is so much more I want to do in this life”. Gavin goes and sits back down “To give without exception of reciprocity was a game changer for me and from that I learn to be a grateful receiver as well, what I want to put across to you and your readers is you never stop growing so just keep being in the flow and to love everyone and I mean everyone and you will see magic happen before your eyes.”

Thank you Gavin for this interview, can I just say it’s been an amazing and calming experience . We shake hands and then Gavin give me a big hug “Pace be your journey” Gavin say with a warming smile .

Gavin is a very humble guy, yes he as the cars the houses an amazing family so many would say the dream lifestyle, but the one thing I will take away from this is the love I felt when around Gavin, when he said love everyone I really think he does and that is truly is amazing.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did and I will also say peace be your journey 🙂

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  1. kat

    Loved all of this post. I stand in belief with you for a million followers. what you say and think makes a difference. I will follow you.

    I send you love and blessings for you and for you to pass on to others.


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