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MKE Week 1 - 9

Week 9 Taking Stock

As week 9 of the Master Key Experience draws to end, I’ve been taking stock of the last 9 weeks and what we have been learning and understanding the massive shifts that I have been experiencing.

I know for some people it can take longer for them to start to experience the things I have been experiencing, on the other hand some people I have no doubt will of had shifts which happened well before me. We all learn at different speeds and with slightly different learning patterns, what makes this course stand way out ahead of the rest of the courses I have taken over the years, is they have you covered however you learn things, they understand every one is slightly different in that way.

Scroll two coming to an end

We will be starting scroll three on Sunday, which I am looking forward too. I have really enjoyed scroll two and I will be taking away “I greet this day with love in my heart”. This line as really got me to fall in love with myself and I’m looking at the world with new eyes and feelings of deep love for all others which I have not experienced before.

When I am looking back on this course say in 12 months time, I know that this is definitely where the game changing moment happened, the shift that showed me that the dots are really starting to join up and make sense.


Talking of game changing, we are now in the second week of our mastermind groups, and this is really stepping it up another level also. I have connected with some amazing people who are on a similar journey to me, so it is great that we can talk about things with an understanding.

I know masterminding was a good thing to do but I don’t truly realise how important it is until now that I am apart of two mastermind groups. I’ve posted this YouTube video of Napoleon Hill on the subject, it’s about an hour long but well worth the time to listen too.

Weeks 1-9 have really been a magical time for me and I am so looking forward to whats to come in weeks 10-18.

Exciting times ahead πŸ™‚

Peace be the journey

Love & light


P.s I am now on day 4 of the 7 day mental diet, go me hehehe πŸ™‚

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MKE Week 1 - 9

Week 8 Imagine

I want to start by saying a massive thank you to Mark and Davene for making my week 7 post the featured blog post of the week. πŸ™‚ I had some great feedback, thank you to everyone who read it and to these who commented too πŸ™‚

As we get deeper in to the the Master Key Experience, more and more magical things are happening, the dots are well and truly starting to join, with the new connections.

One of my favourite songs is Imagine by John Lennon & Yoko Ono. I remember the first time I really listen to the lyrics and thinking what a wonderful world that would be to live in wouldn’t it? The part that really got my juices flowing πŸ™‚ is “you may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one” because that’s how people described me over the years, as a dreamer and I thought I can’t be the only one because how else would things become things.

I realise that to create a world I wanted to live in, my day dreaming wouldn’t just cut it, I had to use my Imagine and really visualise with feelings, so I was on the right path unfortunately I wasn’t on the master key experience scholarship. So I followed what I saw others doing at the time and went after things as my old naive self thought that the material would make me happy. How wrong was I? I could visualise and manifest but still had a feeling of emptiness, I would then self destruct myself hit rock bottom and start the whole same cycle again. I didn’t know that I was addicted to the whole up and down of the experience and wonder why this keep happening. It’s like that saying! you can’t keep doing the same old thing and expect different results. That was so me!

What is different now?

Well the master key experience is helping me to change my habits, and to come from a wonderful place within, to follow my true path/calling. And because of this I have now fallen in love myself, and this love grows more and more each day, I also have this amazing new love for others too. I am prepared to pay price and be of service.

I Know it’s only week 8, but the shifts I have had so far are magical, and there are no words to describe now I am feeling right now, as I write this I have goose bump running down me.

We are reading scroll 2 of the greatest salesman in the world, the first line reads (I’ve taken will out after the I) “I greet this day with love in my heart” all I can say is that little line is truly changing my whole life.

This is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning

I had planned out a different post for today but not sure what happen, I just started writing and just went with it so I’ll now do a little review of what I’ve been doing for the master key experience this week.

Quick Review of the week

Still doing the 7 day mental diet and it is going really well, my observing and catching those sneaky neg thoughts as improved so much. I am taken each day as it comes, will I do a full 7 days? Yes I believe I already have πŸ˜‰

Haanel is taking us even deeper in to visualisation, the exercise this week is really exciting. We are visualising a battleship going way back to its ruts, infect how did it even come to be into existence in the first place. I have had some real fun so far with this and it is helping me to become an even better observer.

We have also been ask to form some master mind groups, we are really starting to take this to the next level. I am really looking forward to sharing my ideas and being able to listen and learn from other people too. I have been invite in two groups, so I going to see how I get on with both of them, it maybe I end up with just one or even starting a whole new one as I connect with many different people from all around the world.

Going to leave you with the video for Imagine enjoy.


Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try No hell below us, above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace…

Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger – a brotherhood of man Imagine all the people sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one

Written by John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Pace be the journey

Love & light


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MKE Week 1 - 9

Week 7 The 7 Day Mental Diet

We hit week 7 and just another eye opening week I am having. I thought the no opinions week was a challenge, well this is on another level. We have been asked to have no negative thoughts for a full 7 days, if you have a negative thought and don’t catch it in time, we have 7 seconds to, then you have to restart the challenge back to day 1. You need to use the law of substitution, and swap the negative thought with something positive, I like to use “I greet this day with love in my heart, I love you, Thank you.” It is getting better each day, it maybe Thursday as I write this post and I am still on day 1 lol, but I am not restarting as often and like the no opinions, you are becoming a better observer.

If you want to have a go at this I recommend you Read, The 7 Day Mental Diet How to change my life in a week by Emmet Fox . Also I recommend watching this YouTube video below too. Joseph Rodrigues has an amazing YouTube channel where he has study notes on books like, think and grow rich, the Go-Giver and many many more titles, I think I pretty much have every book he’s covered so far :-). I found the channel last year and I just love it.


Recording My Own Voice

This as been another game changer, we were asked to record in our own voice, our DMP also I’ve added some affirmations, my BPB, the law of giving and I go through by dream board too. I have recorded two version with different background music, the first version with the Rocky Theme tune Gonna Fly Now, this gets me going and I will be using this one when at the gym and out and about. The second version I have recorded using 528hz tones (528hz is known as a DNA repair frequency. It’s the bioenergy of health and longevity. It’s the harmonic vibration that lifts your heart and divine voice). I am going to listen to this version around the house/office and I will play it when I’m sleeping too. I have to say I have really enjoy this exercise yet again, the weeks just keep getting better better as I get more and more in to the flow.

Edit: I found out that Imagine by John Lennon was recorded in 528hz, no wonder it’s one of my favorite songs, so I now have three voice recordings πŸ™‚

I love this πŸ™‚

Very quick review of the last 7 weeks

I can say this is life changing, the cement is falling away, some of it easily falls off and some needs a bit more chipping away at it. It really is an amazing feeling as I become more free in this time of self discovery. So much as changed in my life already in just these 7 weeks, so glad I listen to my heart and started this beautiful amazing journey.

On top of this new me that is coming through, I am getting to know a lot of amazing and loving people as well who are also one this journey.

before forget I’ve finished part two of press release, it not the way I thought it was going to go but I just went with it πŸ™‚

Pace be the journey

Love and Light


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MKE Week 1 - 9

Week 6 Things are really coming together

Yep things are coming together as we move on through week 6, my DMP as now been pasted off so it’s full steam ahead πŸ™‚ I have to say doing the press release was a big help in finding how to put my feeling in to word for my DMP, part 2 of the press release will be up next week so watch out for that .

A bit of art and crafts this week too, been sticking stuff all around the house which as been fun, I’ve put these in high traffic areas of my house.

This is a great poem and I am reading it every time I go in to the bath room, as it’s stuck on my mirror love it <3

Rocking my dream Board today.

Really enjoyed this week as things are just starting to fall in to place perfectly, so much has changed in these 6 weeks already it’s going to be very interesting and exciting time for whats ahead. As I am writing this I am getting goosebumps and a gut feeling of love and knowing that I am great πŸ™‚

Still not giving opinions my tactic is when I catch myself giving my opinion I just start laughing. I laughed that much this morning I forget what opinion I was even thinking about, it’s great when your in the middle of your opinion when talking to someone, to watch there face as I burst in laughter, it a great subject changer hehe πŸ™‚

Just going to finish of by saying I was just about to go and watch the karate kid after watching a clip the other week, I want to watch it with my new eyes. Can you believe that as I started writing this bit, Mark J as sent us the master key newsletter and asked us to watch two clips from you guessed it the karate kid, brilliant timing or is it that I am getting in the flow? πŸ™‚

I live by my compass

I can be what i will to be

Love and light


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MKE Week 1 - 9

Week 5 Master Key Experience

Opinions Be The Observer

So been a busy week this so far this week, we have been ask to not give opinions which is a lot harder to do then I thought it would be, but it is a really eye opener just being the observer. I know I will get better as the weeks go on, at the minute I’m stopping myself in mid sentence all the time as I start to give my opinion on something.

The Law of compensation

This week we have started to read Emerson essay on the law of compensation, I read this a few year ago but found it a real tough read with the vocabulary Emerson uses, so I never tuck real note of the lessons it is teaching. This time round I’m reading it with new open eyes so to speak, and a wiliness to learn. For the next 3 weeks I will be reading the essay once a week.

DMP and Press Release

DMP is still a work in progress, as I sit daily I am starting to see my DMP more and more its just a case now of being able to express this down in words. I have found writing the press release very helpful and I will be adding more to that as my DMP develops.

Overall I am really enjoying the challenge of the Master key Experience, and I’m proud to be apart this. I was on a great zoom call last night with my guide Claes and some of the tribe and really looking forward to more over the coming months. Excising times a head πŸ™‚

Love and light


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MKE Week 1 - 9

Week 4 and I’m Quitting

How about that for title, YES I’m quitting! Let me explain

I have made the decision to quit on not putting in 100% in to my life and stop a bad habit of mine which is plodding along. You see when I get to a point where I’m doing well in something I start to just plod with it in stead of growing it. This could be business, relationships, hobbies so every thing really.

So it’s time to be focused and put 100% in to everything with enthusiasm, and keep growing everyday for me to have the experiences that I want in my life, and just not settle for it’s OK how it’s going, I’ll just stay in this safe place and plod along.

Definitive Major Purpose (DMP)

I been working on this now for nearly 4 weeks and I am struggling to write down, put across in to words how I feel about my DMP, if that make sense? I feels these feelings but there seems to be no words to describe these feelings that I am having, and I’m just not sure how I’m going to transfer these feeling in to words. This is starting to blow my mind a little if I’m honest, maybe I’m just over thinking this, I do believe the answers will come to me I wont settle for, this will just have to do for my DMP πŸ™‚

Love & Light


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MKE Week 1 - 9

Three weeks in and so many changes happening in my life! Master Key Experience Week 3

I know I started off last weeks blog post in a similar way, but I feel I have to just put this out there, how this is affecting me in a VERY BIG WAY.

Some people well one person have left my life already earlier this year, which was very hard to deal with at the time, by having these experiences over the last 12 days or so I understand why it happen.

When you start to open up to new ways to live your life you find that people and situation that are not on the same vibration as you and where you are going, have to leave you, this is for your growth to happen. However hard this is at the time you have to let go, as it is no longer good to be a part of your life anymore.

I said earlier in the year someone left me and this was for their own growth to happen, it was in March to be precise. My ex girlfriend / best friend had been on a journey of her own over the following two years, and I could feel we were going in different ways as I was stuck in a bad place just plodding along and could see her starting to want more out of life. This was hard for me to except at the time because in a way I was jealous which cos me to say things that were not nice to her and act in some nasty ways towards her and what she was doing, until she stopped it by ending the relationship. She just cut me off completely, which obviously I didn’t handle very well at the time, but now I totally understand why and I how hard it must of been for her to do as well.

The reason I have shared this you this week is, has I look back at the lessons I can takeaway from these last couple of weeks as my vibration is changing, I thought to myself what other lessons could I take from other people which have pulled away from me because they have started to grow and heightened their vibration in life, where I was still stuck in a low vibration.

I have been meditating on asking for forgiveness, to everyone that have thought I have in any way hurt them, and also forgiving people that I have felt have hurt me in any way. This is a process that I felt needed to happen this week for me to move on in the incredible journey which I am on.

I have a feeling which is showering over me, with a knowing of unconditional love is always looking out for me. I am on the right path, just keep on going one step at a time.

Talk to you next week

Love and light.


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MKE Week 1 - 9

Week 2 of My Master Key Experience

Things are changing

It’s been a tough week in my personal life which was a shock at first, but with thinking about it I understand why it as happen. I knew by doing this course my life was going to chance, what as wowed me is I really didn’t expect for things to start changing so soon. There are going to be many more bumps in the road, which I hope I will be more ready for in a way, it was good talking with my guide yesterday evening and knowing there is good support for me on this incredible journey.

13th October Edit: This weekend as been crazy more things happening which again have been hard to deal with, but I am glad it happened as the old dead wood is leaving my life πŸ™‚

Noticing colours and shapes all around me

We have started using the index cards and I can see why they are going to be a powerful tool, I wrote my chore down thinking I would probably do it last minute, well as I keep seeing the colour blue and rectangles all around me, the chore keep popping in to my head and a voice saying “get it done”, I found myself doing the chore and I even went above and beyond what I usually do as well. I can’t wait for what’s next with these index cards.

Definite Major Purpose

My DMP is coming together slowly after talking with my guide and reading the comments on the review, I now know the depth I need so that subby can start creating the path for me,  I was thinking maybe it was too big of dream! That was definitely a fear that I couldn’t possibly do it. Well nothing is too big and I know I will manifest my DMP. I also know that my DMP may change over the years too and this is OK, as I grow my goals and dream will grow too.

Sitting still and controlling my thoughts   

This has been interesting, yep Haanel was so right just a few moments at first is I could do, but with like the sitting still, I can do it a little longer each day. This is definitely a new skill which is going to be so beneficial to me, as I can feel it has already started, helping being more focused.

Looking forward to Sunday

I am really looking forward to Sunday’s class again; I really think I’m getting more and more excited, listening to Mark say ENTHUSIASM is having a profound effect on me so thank you. And also everyone who is teaching, I’m finding it very easy to follow, in the past I have struggled with keeping my concentration, but I seem to have no problem at all with my concentration with the classes, I am fully engaged following along with the class notes and making notes of my own too.

Thank you for taking the time out and reading my post today, looking forward to sharing more of my journey next week, keep tuned in πŸ™‚

Love & light


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MKE Week 1 - 9

My Master Key Experience Week 1

I have decided to post my Master Key weekly Experience every Thursday around 7pm BST as I live in the United Kingdom.

OK, lets get in to it. I had this calling from within that it was time for big changes in my life, and just at that moment I opened up my emails and saw a email from the lazynetworker AKA Mark Januszewski. I have followed Mark for a number of years and been on his emailing list for some time, so I knew about the Master Key Experience. When I saw that scholarship where ready for people to apply, I knew from within this was a calling that I must follow and commit too.

So here I am in the middle of week one of six month, and I can safely say that I am so glad I listen to my gut and paid that dollar, put my application in, and got in this amazing program.

I did feel a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to fulfil what I have been asked to do. After the orientation class on Sunday night (for me), I was filled with a new found confidence. Straight after the class was done I printed out a daily planner, and block of the times I needed to fulfil my daily and weekly tasks. I never really done this before, so with this new found skill which will become my new weekly habit, I see that I have a lot more time then I thought I had. WOW I have been wasting so much time all these years.

Harder Then I Thought!

I’m just going to share with you one of the exercises what I have been doing this week. I have to sit completely still for at least 15 minute a day, this is harder to do then I thought it would be. I’m OK for about 10 minute now, then my legs start to move all over the places. It is getting better though each day I sit, so by Sunday I am confident I will have no problem sitting still for 15 minutes.

My overall master key experience so far is one of eye opening. I now have a knowing my habits are going to change for the better, and a understanding that this commitment of six month must be fulfilled and not to be taking lightly. This is my life, I most listen and act on my calling from within and create my dreams.

Thank you for taking the time out of your amazing day to read this blog post. I hope you have enjoyed it, it would also be an honer if you could leave a comment with your thoughts too, I really would love to hear what you think of my experience. Also share the love with others and click the Facebook, twitter share button that would brilliant πŸ™‚

Love and light


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