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My Adventure Begins

This is the begging of my new life, no more will I live life in a repetitive pattern of bad habits I’ve been living most of my life.

For 41 years I have been living most of the time on autopilot, only sometime sticking my head from out of the sand to see a glimmer of hope of change, then sticking it back in where it feels safe from failure. Only now do I see more than a glimmer, there is a big calling from within me to stop everything that does not serve me, a light shining so bright coming from within which I can no longer ignore.

I commit to change and to build a new foundation which will lead me in to the light. This is a promise that I will not break, this is a promise that will carry me in to a new world, which I will create through my thoughts and action of good habits.

Follow this journey and you may want this change too, I really hope to inspire as many people who are attracted this blog. If just one person changes from sleep walking through life and starts to listen to their own inner calling, which they now a ready to stop ignoring, then I have do my job in this world.

Watch out for my first main blog post on Thursday 3rd October 2019. If you are reading this after the date, then just click the link below and it will take to that first post .

Love and light


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