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MKE Continuation Week 1 - 9

Master Keys Experience Continuation Week 1 & 2

So last week I had a week off form blogging. I did though keep up to my reading, meditations etc. As we have finished read the master key system (we will be covering the lost 4 chapters later on). I have be reading one chapter a day of the master key systems.

It’s been really good to review each chapter and seeing the chapters differently from the first time I read them. New things just seem to pop out, with this new understanding I now have.

The Kybalion

As part of our continuation and lifetime access.We are starting an 8 week course which digs in to the book The Kybalion, with a weekly live class. I have read this boo before but I am look forward to going over this material with my new vibration.

The Kybalion looks at the seven Hermetic principles.

1. The Principle of Mentalism

“The all is mind; the universe is mental.

2. The Principle of Correspondence

“As above, so below, as below, so above. As within, so without, as without, so within.”

3. The Principle of Vibration

“Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates.”

4. The Principle of Polarity

“Everything is dual, everything has poles and everything has its pair of opposites; Like and unlike are the same; Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; Extremes meet; All truths, are but half-truths; All paradoxes may be reconciled.”

5. The Principle of Rhythm

“Everything flows, out and in; Everything has its tides; All things rise and fall.”

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect

“Every cause has its effect; Every effect has its cause.”

7. The Principle of Gender

“Gender is in everything; Everything has its masculine and feminine principles.”

Over the next 7 weeks I will write a blog post about each principle in some more depth and how I feel about them.

Peace be the journey, love & light


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MKE Week 19 - 24

Week 24 This is not the end

So we have completed our last week of the six month Master keys Experience.

This is not the end though, I have still 4 scroll left to read over the next 4 month of the greatest salesman in the world. Also there are the lost 4 chapters of the master key system left to study too.

On top of that I have become a lifetime member of the Master Key Experience too. The community is simply amazing and I will keep myself surrounded by like minded people for years to come.

Thank you to all the people I have master minded with and now know I have new life long friends.

So the first 6 months may of ended but the journey is only just getting started.

I am grateful

In these tough times which we are going as I am writing this posted, the likes of which we have not seen before. I am so grateful I began this journey because without doubt I believe my high self wanted to help me prepare me for this.

Whatever happens we have to come together as humans and really give love to one another. I know with all the fear around it’s hard and I have found myself to struggle at times. But we can come through this, even if the world as we once knew may change and will not be the same again.

I will keep writing

I will keep writing my weekly blogs and I think I will start to really link my podcasts with my post now. So my posts may well be a slightly different to how I have been setting my post out.

Stay safe everyone

Peace be the journey, love & light


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MKE Week 19 - 24

Week 23 Awakened from the silence

I have had amazing 3 day experience of silence this week, I started at 9 am Monday and finished 9 am Thursday.

I went in to the silence with no exceptions of what my experience would be like. I had some question which I didn’t know if they would get answered or not.

First few hours was a challenge has there was a lot of noise, the chatter did started to go anyway and I really started to enjoy the experience. Lots of meditation and just being present inn the now.

As I got more in to it, I started to ask question and I did get many answers back. I have tell you, I didn’t like some of the answers but they where put to me with these feeling that I can’t put in to words, so knew why these things have happen.

So after many tears and some amazing experiences of feels of unconditional love. I have awaken deep with in myself and now know the path I am on.

Definite Major Purpose

As a result of my silence experience, I have had to rewrite my DMP. I already know that I would have to this but until I did these 3 days I was 100% sure of the direction I was going to take.

It’s an amazing feeling know truly where I am going now, and I am totally focused in creating this.

All I can say is the last 6 month have been totally life changing, and I am not saying that lightly either.

If you are reading this blog and have not been on the course I suggest you enrol for the next available start. commit to 6 months and you will have an amazing experience.

Get in contact with me if you have any question about doing the master key experience I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Peace be the journey, love & light


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MKE Week 19 - 24

Week 22a I am going to go in to the silence.

With everything what as gone on over the last couple of weeks. I am going to have 3 full days of silence. And go deep into the world within me.

From 9 am Monday to 9 am Thursday I will been in my own little silence retreat.

So no phone, no TV, no contact with anyone. I have to say I am a little excised.

Looking forward to sharing my experience with you all.

Peace be the journey, love & light


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MKE Week 19 - 24

Week 22 I didn’t see this carve ball coming.

Well this journey really has had many ups and downs. Now been thrown a carve ball which knocked me off my feet for a few days.

I sat in the silence and just tried to work out why it was happening. Could I of done anything different? It’s been a very confusing time.

I set out on this journey to really find the love in my heart and to share it with the world. I really thought everything was coming together just in the perfect way.

It’s a bit of a paradox, because I really wanted to share what I have learnt and to inspire others to look at themselves and find their love.

By doing this I have inspired, but that as meant for me the end of something so beautiful to leave my life.

Let Go

This has been the hardest thing to do, but I know I have too even if it doesn’t feel right to do.

The affirmation; I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. Has really help me heal this week and I am still greeting the day with love in my heart.

I am finding comfort knowing that even thou, the path I was on has now once again taken a detour. I will still get to where I’m going, it’s just a shame it’s not going to be how I first dreamt it.

Peace be the journey, love & light


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MKE Week 19 - 24

Week 21 – Is everything miracle?

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle” – Albert Einstein.

I believe everything is a miracle. How can I not! I have come too far in to my journey not to believe. Not only do I believe it, I see and feel the miracle everywhere in everything.

Many people are just literally sleep walking through life. I refuse that way of life. I am miracle living in the world I create every moment I am here.

So I choose to see the miracle in everything. We are all apart of this miracle, we are all the observers. Open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart and let yourself to be free to live the life you want.

Greet this day with love in my heart

You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy

Peace be the journey, love & light


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MKE Week 19 - 24

Week 20 – The Hedgehog Concept

So this week I learnt about the hedgehog concept, which I will share with you today.

Jim Collins wrote a book ‘Good to Great’ this book became very influential.

Excerpts from Good to Great

Are you a hedgehog or a fox? In his famous essay “The Hedgehog and the Fox,” Isaiah Berlin divided the world into hedgehogs and foxes, based upon an ancient Greek parable: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” 

Those who built the good-to-great companies were, to one degree or another, hedgehogs. They used their hedgehog nature to drive toward what we came to call a Hedgehog Concept for their companies. Those who led the comparison companies tended to be foxes, never gaining the clarifying advantage of a Hedgehog Concept, being instead scattered, diffused, and inconsistent. 

For the comparison companies, the exact same world that had become so simple and clear to the good-to-great companies remained complex and shrouded in mist. Why? For two reasons. First, the comparison companies never asked the right questions, the questions prompted by the three circles. Second, they set their goals and strategies more from bravado than from understanding.

A Hedgehog Concept is not a goal to be the best, a strategy to be the best, an intention to be the best, a plan to be the best. It is an understanding of what you can be the best at. The distinction is absolutely crucial

Every company would like to be the best at something, but few actually understand—with piercing insight and egoless clarity—what they actually have the potential to be the best at and, just as important, what they cannotbe the best at. And it is this distinction that stands as one of the primary contrasts between the good-to-great companies and the comparison companies.

To go from good to great requires transcending the curse of competence. It requires the discipline to say, “Just because we are good at it—just because we’re making money and generating growth—doesn’t necessarily mean we can become the best at it.” The good-to-great companies understood that doing what you are good at will only make you good; focusing solely on what you can potentially do better than any other organization is the only path to greatness.

As you search for your own concept, keep in mind that when the good-to-great companies finally grasped their Hedgehog Concept, it had none of the tiresome, irritating blasts of mindless bravado typical of the comparison companies. “Yep, we could be the best at that” was stated as the recognition of a fact, no more startling than observing that the sky is blue or the grass is green. When you get your Hedgehog Concept right, it has the quiet ping of truth, like a single, clear, perfectly struck note hanging in the air in the hushed silence of a full auditorium at the end of a quiet movement of a Mozart piano concerto. There is no need to say much of anything; the quiet truth speaks for itself. 


Here is Jim explaining the Hedgehog Concept in this short YouTube Video

So lets get started and write down the your answers to the three questions!

1) what you are deeply passionate about.

2) what you can be the best in the world at.

3) what best drives your economic or resource engine. 

Why multitasking isn’t good?

Media multitaskers pay mental price, Stanford study shows

Think you can talk on the phone, send an instant message and read your e-mail all at once? Stanford researchers say even trying may impair your cognitive control.

By Adam Gorlick

Attention, multitaskers (if you can pay attention, that is): Your brain may be in trouble.

People who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information do not pay attention, control their memory or switch from one job to another as well as those who prefer to complete one task at a time, a group of Stanford researchers has found.

High-tech jugglers are everywhere – keeping up several e-mail and instant message conversations at once, text messaging while watching television and jumping from one website to another while plowing through homework assignments.

But after putting about 100 students through a series of three tests, the researchers realized those heavy media multitaskers are paying a big mental price.

Read the rest of this report at

Peace be the journey, Love & light


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MKE Week 19 - 24

Week 19 – Grateful for Nature That’s Around Us

Last month we read scroll 4 from the greatest salesman in the world, the opening line is “I am nature’s greatest miracle”. That got me thinking about all nature’s miracles.

We have to be grateful for all nature which is around us and really appreciate it every single day.

I saw a Heron yesterday I managed to film it.

I live this day as if it is my last

This is what is said in scroll 5 which I am reading this month. My take on this, is living in the now.

Don’t dwell on the past as you can’t change it, don’t worry about the future as that’s not happen yet and you can create any amazing life you want.

It’s just a short post this week

Peace be the journey, love & light


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MKE Week 10 -18

Week 18 – 5 Habits That Will Change Your Life

These 5 habits that I am about to share with you. Will change your life if make them your new habits which you do on a daily basis.

3 Gratitude’s

Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day.

Keep a Journal

Keep a journal were you write a couple of sentences of something good which has happen to you that day.


Do some sort of exercise each day.


Mediate each for at least 15 minutes. You can start off with just doing 16 seconds and building up.

Random Acts of Kindness

Give kindness and observe kindness in others too.

“The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance”

I would like you to watch this 12 minute YouTube video of Shawn Achor explaining these 5 habits

Pavi Mehta

I was talking to one of my master mind groups on a zoom call last week. And I was telling them Pavi Mehta.

Please watch this talk Pavi gave a few years ago. This is what it’s about, serving and just doing good for others with wanting nothing in return 🙂

“What we will do for love will always be more powerful than what we will do for money. What we can do together will always be far-greater then what we can do alone” “Change yourself, change the world” -Pavi Metha

Service space, India “May the beauty we love, be what we do”

Check out service space’s website

I greet this day with love in my heart

peace be the journey, love and light


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MKE Week 10 -18

Week 17.1 Hero’s Journey A Review

As you can see by the title we have not moved on to week 18 yet. In stead we are having a review week in our hero’s journey.

I probably could of done with this last week as I was in a bit of drift, it’s funny how I seem to be a week a head, am I connected and in the flow?

It’s been fun going over all what I have done with the Master Key Experience and how far I have come on my personal hero’s journey.

I have reread the past 3 scroll of the greatest sales man. For the master key system I’ve gone over lessons 9 and 10 in more depth then before. In fact I have gone over all the lessons up to 17 and added new notes to each lesson as I have become more aware of the teaching of Haanel.

I have also been rereading Emersons law of compensation, I have also been reading Emersons other essays too. I seem to be like a vacuum that wants to suck up as mush knowledge as possible.

It’s not fair having 12 pairs of legs | Aimee Mullins

We asked to watch a ted talk which Aimee Mullins gave, she is living her hero’s journey every day. It’s an amazing video which I will have to share you.

Aimee really as super-powers which she gets from within and we all have the same powers. Nothing is impossible if you believe and feel it is possible.

So What is the Hero’s Journey?

Is probably the best known movie plot there is, in which a character goes out to get what they need and they face some sort conflict, and then ultimately triumphs over adversity. This was first coined by academic Joseph Campbell in 1949.

The 12 Stages of The Hero’s Journey

1. Ordinary World

This is where the Hero’s exists before his present story begins, oblivious of the adventures to come. It’s his safe place. His everyday life where we learn crucial details about our Hero, his true nature, capabilities and outlook on life. This anchors the Hero as a human, just like you and me, and makes it easier for us to identify with him and hence later, empathize with his plight.

2. Call To Adventure
The Hero’s adventure begins when he receives a call to action, such as a direct threat to his safety, his family, his way of life or to the peace of the community in which he lives. It may not be as dramatic as a gunshot, but simply a phone call or conversation but whatever the call is, and however it manifests itself, it ultimately disrupts the comfort of the Hero’s Ordinary World and presents a challenge or quest that must be undertaken.

3. Refusal Of The Call
Although the Hero may be eager to accept the quest, at this stage he will have fears that need overcoming. Second thoughts or even deep personal doubts as to whether or not he is up to the challenge. When this happens, the Hero will refuse the call and as a result may suffer somehow. The problem he faces may seem to much to handle and the comfort of home far more attractive than the perilous road ahead. This would also be our own response and once again helps us bond further with the reluctant Hero.

4. Meeting The Mentor
At this crucial turning point where the Hero desperately needs guidance he meets a mentor figure who gives him something he needs. He could be given an object of great importance, insight into the dilemma he faces, wise advice, practical training or even self-confidence. Whatever the mentor provides the Hero with it serves to dispel his doubts and fears and give him the strength and courage to begin his quest.

5. Crossing The Threshold
The Hero is now ready to act upon his call to adventure and truly begin his quest, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional. He may go willingly or he may be pushed, but either way he finally crosses the threshold between the world he is familiar with and that which he is not. It may be leaving home for the first time in his life or just doing something he has always been scared to do. However the threshold presents itself, this action signifies the Hero’s commitment to his journey an whatever it may have in store for him.

6. Tests, Allies, Enemies
Now finally out of his comfort zone the Hero is confronted with an ever more difficult series of challenges that test him in a variety of ways. Obstacles are thrown across his path; whether they be physical hurdles or people bent on thwarting his progress, the Hero must overcome each challenge he is presented with on the journey towards his ultimate goal.

The Hero needs to find out who can be trusted and who can’t. He may earn allies and meet enemies who will, each in their own way, help prepare him for the greater ordeals yet to come. This is the stage where his skills and/or powers are tested and every obstacle that he faces helps us gain a deeper insight into his character and ultimately identify with him even more.

7. Approach To The Inmost Cave
The inmost cave may represent many things in the Hero’s story such as an actual location in which lies a terrible danger or an inner conflict which up until now the Hero has not had to face. As the Hero approaches the cave he must make final preparations before taking that final leap into the great unknown.

At the threshold to the inmost cave the Hero may once again face some of the doubts and fears that first surfaced upon his call to adventure. He may need some time to reflect upon his journey and the treacherous road ahead in order to find the courage to continue. This brief respite helps the audience understand the magnitude of the ordeal that awaits the Hero and escalates the tension in anticipation of his ultimate test.

8. Ordeal
The Supreme Ordeal may be a dangerous physical test or a deep inner crisis that the Hero must face in order to survive or for the world in which the Hero lives to continue to exist. Whether it be facing his greatest fear or most deadly foe, the Hero must draw upon all of his skills and his experiences gathered upon the path to the inmost cave in order to overcome his most difficulty challenge.

Only through some form of “death” can the Hero be reborn, experiencing a metaphorical resurrection that somehow grants him greater power or insight necessary in order to fulfill his destiny or reach his journey’s end. This is the high-point of the Hero’s story and where everything he holds dear is put on the line. If he fails, he will either die or life as he knows it will never be the same again.

9. Reward (Seizing The Sword)
After defeating the enemy, surviving death and finally overcoming his greatest personal challenge, the Hero is ultimately transformed into a new state, emerging from battle as a stronger person and often with a prize.

The Reward may come in many forms: an object of great importance or power, a secret, greater knowledge or insight, or even reconciliation with a loved one or ally. Whatever the treasure, which may well facilitate his return to the Ordinary World, the Hero must quickly put celebrations aside and prepare for the last leg of his journey.

10. The Road Back
This stage in the Hero’s journey represents a reverse echo of the Call to Adventure in which the Hero had to cross the first threshold. Now he must return home with his reward but this time the anticipation of danger is replaced with that of acclaim and perhaps vindication, absolution or even exoneration.

But the Hero’s journey is not yet over and he may still need one last push back into the Ordinary World. The moment before the Hero finally commits to the last stage of his journey may be a moment in which he must choose between his own personal objective and that of a Higher Cause.

11. Resurrection
This is the climax in which the Hero must have his final and most dangerous encounter with death. The final battle also represents something far greater than the Hero’s own existence with its outcome having far-reaching consequences to his Ordinary World and the lives of those he left behind.

If he fails, others will suffer and this not only places more weight upon his shoulders but in a movie, grips the audience so that they too feel part of the conflict and share the Hero’s hopes, fears and trepidation. Ultimately the Hero will succeed, destroy his enemy and emerge from battle cleansed and reborn.

12. Return With The Elixir
This is the final stage of the Hero’s journey in which he returns home to his Ordinary World a changed man. He will have grown as a person, learned many things, faced many terrible dangers and even death but now looks forward to the start of a new life. His return may bring fresh hope to those he left behind, a direct solution to their problems or perhaps a new perspective for everyone to consider.

The final reward that he obtains may be literal or metaphoric. It could be a cause for celebration, self-realization or an end to strife, but whatever it is it represents three things: change, success and proof of his journey. The return home also signals the need for resolution for the story’s other key players. The Hero’s doubters will be ostracized, his enemies punished and his allies rewarded. Ultimately the Hero will return to where he started but things will clearly never be the same again.


And this is what I am creating my very own real life hero’s journey movie.

I hope I am bring some inspiration for you to start your very own hero’s journey.

Peace be the journey, love & light


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